Kayleigh's Bio

When I was ten years old, I watched my father teach my sister the very basics on guitar. I was fascinated and really wanted to emulate all the pop punk music I was indulging in at the time, and I begged every day for my father to teach me - he assumed I just wanted to copy my sister, so he'd show me a chord or two and then let me run off, assuming I wouldn't remember much of it. 

Until I took what he taught me and wrote my first song with it. 

18 years later and as a Female Singer Songwriter I have written countless songs and developed my own unique style, performed acoustic music all over Wales and in other parts of the UK. I have supported a lot of amazing artists including "Killing For Company" the late great Stuart Cable's band, the year they opened for The Who and Anika Fehling (the 1997 Swedish Runner Up for The Eurovision Song Contest). I've been a semi finalist at The Feis Festival in London,  as well as appearing in some magazines and on television. 

I have performed in a variety of bands as well as solo, at an array of different wonderful and weird venues (including the back of a truck and a tattoo convention) and I have loved every second of it, and I have no intention of stopping.

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