I have had a strange and amusing time as a welsh singer songwriter, I've lived in different parts of Wales and met a plethora of different musicians and lived a surprisingly full life - as a result, I have a lot of different videos. Check them out below!

"Settling" Videos

These videos are in support of the "Settling" EP, released April 7th, 2018

"Fall Down And Smile" Videos

For my dissertation in university, I created music videos for some of my songs, originally intended for an album titled 'Fall Down and Smile'. The idea was for a flowing narrative across a number of videos - not entirely sure it worked. they are terribly amateurish in a kind of adorable way, which is what happens when you have no money but good friends - starring Paul "Coatman" Johnson and Flora McNerney, with general assistance from Joe West and Chris O'Gara. 

Other original videos (live and other)

There's a wide array of videos of me performing live over the years (you can tell from the variety of ages and dubious hair styles) so here is a selection of some, including older live or solo versions of songs that are later used for the "Settling" EP. 

Cover Videos

Occasionally, I throw covers at the internet. 

"Bed" Official Music Video

Official music video for "Bed" the first single from the "Settling" EP. Released May 17th, 2018. Filmed by Simon Regan

TRIGGER WARNING - This song is about depression, it references self harm, which may be distressing to viewers. 

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